Your donation funds the fight to end sex trafficking and exploitation.

$43,233 raised

$50,000 goal

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Without Permission exists to end sex trafficking & exploitation in the Central Valley.

We restore the victimized, educate our youth to prevent exploitation, and attack the lies that drive demand.

Since 2010, Without Permission has been working to end sex trafficking through Prevention, Justice, and Restoration. Beginning as a two person ministry, and growing into a 50+ strong, registered 501(c)3 organization, WP has developed roles for staff and volunteer to serve city and survivor. Through partnerships and task force relationships in local counties, WP has created a local response to the evil of sex trafficking and exploitation.

In September of 2015 Just His House began the journey of survivor restoration as our day center for navigation and restoration. The continued mobilization of the faith community, thousands of citizens and market place leadership drives the hope of ending the culture of human trafficking in the Central Valley.

In 2022, we have:

  • Served 151 survivors with services and resources
  • Increased our work with male survivors at JHH by two days a week
  • Expanded our programs with a therapy dog “Baxter”
  • Taught #NotAPriceTag prevention curriculum to nearly 3,000 students
  • Trained 80 CHP officers in Human Trafficking 101
  • Launched #IamChange Tailgates mobilizing men to disrupt demand
  • Staged 12 Epik patrols addressing purchasers one on one
  • Moved JHH into a temporary building on site at the new property
  • Begun work with our architect and established the 412 Building Committee

Your gift today ensures we can continue and even increase in our ability to reach the vulnerable. Thank you!